Wilhelm Maurstein

Some call him the 'old giant.' Though he is pretty blunt and as stubborn as stone, he is rather easy going. Wilhelm is a head taller than most men in the kingdom. He has many scars from both stone masonry and being a soldier


The Maurerstein family has been stone masons for centuries. Wilhelm father, Verstärkt, led the family business until his death. His mother Leiben now lives in Wilhelm’s home. This is when Wilhelm took the reins. Wilhelm married at the age of 16 to childhood friend, Hilfreich. Hilfreich has truly been his help-mate in life. She stood by him through times of war and peace. She bore him a daughter, Adel, and 2 sons, Stolz and Freude. Stolz and Freude now work alongside Wilhelm as masons themselves.

Major Life Events: At a young age, Wilhelm found himself hanging out with Lord Eliath Coldwater quite a bit because their fathers were busy building fortifications. The boys became friends. One day some boys were picking on Eliath, and Wilhelm stepped in and took care of the bullies. When Wilhelm became old enough he decided to become a soldier. It was such a logical step for Wilhelm to become a sworn sword so that he could protect his friend. Wilhelm has enjoyed much favor in court. When Wilhelm was an apprentice to his father at age 14, his left hand was crushed by one of the stones that they were working with. It resulted in the loss of a finger. After a view weeks in the infirmary, his father told him, “You have a choice to make. You can choose to feel sorry for yourself, or you can let this make you strong.” Wilhelm pulled himself up and rejoined his father’s work. He became renowned as a master stone mason.

At age 28, Wilhelm lost his young daughter one day while he was working. He wasn’t paying attention, and Adel was walking on top of a large pile of stones. She slipped and gashed her head. He rushed her to the infirmary, but they said she had lost too much blood. He sat by her bedside all night. In the early hours of the morning, she opened her eyes one last time and whispered, “Daddy, take care of Mommy. I love you…” Knowing that she has gone, he rose and went back to work. He spared no expense on the funeral, but shed only a single tear. Though he protects so many, he could not protect his precious flower. Secretly he still mourns for her. Hilfreich bore Stolz and Freude 2 years after the death of Adel. From a young age, his sons were constantly on the job with him. He was very careful to watch them. They became his apprentices when they came of age and have become master masons since. They don’t always see eye to eye with Wilhelm on the methods, but they have become his pride and joy.

Throught the years, Wilhelm worked quite often in Coldwater Keep. He eventually became the primary architect for defenses all across Coldwater lands. He watched Tragan and Alayne grow into adulthood. Alongside Lord Eliath Coldwater, Wilhelm fought in many battles. He was a fierce warrior.

3 Years ago, Wilhelm lost his father to age. They had a warrior’s funeral. Again Wilhelm shed a single tear. He has now lost his father who had always been his mentor.

Wilhelm Maurstein

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