Ser Tragan Coldwater

The heir to House Coldwater; a stern but honorable man, whose issues with beautiful young women remain a family secret.


Forever struggling to fill the larger-than-life shoes of his father Eliath, Tragan tries to be the perfect knight. However, family traditions and deep personal issues forever war against this aspiration.

Rumor holds that Tragan might be responsible for his sister’s death upon the occasion of the eve of her wedding to Ser Symond Templeton. She was said to have been with child, and that not the get of Templeton. Ever a stickler for his family’s honor, and cold as the Rush that grants his House its name, the young lord may well have been involved.

A grand tournament held in King’s Landing drew Tragan and his companions from their far mountain fastness. Though wounded, Ser Tragan entered the lists and comported himself well, placing second only to one of the Kingsguard. During this time, he also barely managed to avoid entrapment in the unmanly schemes of House Belmore.

Also while in the capitol of the Seven Kingdoms, Ser Jonathan Coldwater (Tragan’s cousin) kept himself busy. Putting his own selfish desires above that of his House, Johnathan wooed a common prostitute, making arrangements to take her into his custody and no doubt obligating Coldwater to some undesirable and disgraceful stipulations. Tragan sternly demanded that the relationship proceed no further than a night’s tumble, but not only did Johnathan disobey, he secretly smuggled his whore out of the city.

One night, while returning to the Mountains of the Moon, Ser Tragan imbibed much hard liquor, something he had not done since the night his sister died, and went to confront Ser Johnathan. Upon finding not his cousin, but his cousin’s doxy, Tragan grew enraged. He is reported to have said: “Now I know why you wanted to keep her,” before striking the girl’s jaw with his gauntleted fist. Ser Daniel Coldwater was on hand, and fortunately for the girl, managed to restrain the drunken Tragan.

Recent Developments Upon return to his House’s lands, Tragan found that Lord Eliath had left the West in the company of the family’s mysterious Keeper of the Horse; a priest of a foreign god. Tragan was left in charge of the family’s demesne and holdings. He managed well, despite the scheming and circumventions of Ser Lucan Coldwater and his children.

When a midnight summons from Lord Walder Frey arrived, Ser Tragan left with barely a word, and none indicating his destination or purpose. A month later, the young Coldwater returned to the Rush, his bride-to-be in tow. Walda Frey was a spirited, courageous, and beautiful young woman; a rare match for her stern fiance. Tragan struggled to woo his affianced bride, and the whisperers insinuated that the marriage would never bear fruit unless another planted the seed.

When unrest and rumors of a new and powerful leader among the mountain clans shook the Vale, Tragan quickly smoothed over his familial difficulties and pledged his life into the hands of his love. With all quiet on the home front, he gathered his forces and marched into the Mountains of the Moon. Within a few weeks, “the Bear” was slain, and all of Coldwater’s enemies were laid at his feet.

Ser Tragan Coldwater

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