Welcome to the Clay Cup Tavern! My boys will see to your mounts, please…have a seat and warm yourself by the hearth. Sure is coming down out there isn’t it? I’m guessing you are on your way to King’s Landing for the tourney – been lots of traffic down the road these past few days, but just so happens I have a few rooms available if you’re interested.

This campaign is set in the world of Westeros, authored and designed by the great George R.R. Martin. On the continent of Westeros abide the Seven Kingdoms, ancient feudal regions once controlled by local nobles with enough power or authority to name themselves King. For centuries these Kingdoms existed independently, with sporadic conflicts cropping up here and there – yet the existing power structure remained intact. That is, until the arrival of the Targaryens.

These mysterious Lords from the East were known for one thing – mastery over dragons. With three of these invincible beasts, young Aegon Targaryen conquered the entirety of the Seven Kingdoms, burning all who resisted in unquenchable flame. With the surrendered swords of his enemies, Aegon built an iron throne and created a new dynasty that would come to rule the Seven Kingdoms for hundreds of years.

Our campaign is set some 250 years after the conquest of Westeros. The Targaryens have presided over centuries of prosperity and tribulation – it is said that when a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin to determine whether the soul will be blessed with great wisdom or cursed with crippling madness.

High in the Mountains of the Moon, an ancient people toil and struggle for survival in an unforgiving land. Once seat to its own Kingdom, the region of the Vale of Arryn is at once abundant and dangerous. The bountiful farmland of the Vale is surrounded on all sides by imposing mountains, where savage highland clansmen watch with an envious eye. Among the noble families of this region are the Coldwaters, a family as old as the ancient Lake from which they draw their name. The campaign centers around this noble family and their precarious position as Lords of the land and defenders of their people.

Fire on the Mountainside

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